I.H.S. d.o.o.
(Head Office)
Cesta 4. julija 84 D
SI-8270 Krško
Tel.:  +386 7 49 14 100
Fax:  +386 7 49 14 110
I.H.S. GmbH
Carl-Zeiss-Strasse 13
DE-32369 Rahden
Tel.:  +49 5771 6087 187
Fax:  +49 5771 6087 189
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I.H.S. was founded on December 22, 1989 in Krško, Slovenia.  Ever since then, the I.H.S. Company has expanded and grown in record time.  Currently, there are over 110 employees at I.H.S. and we serve the European continent and areas right outside of Europe.  


I.H.S. offers the complete solution in areas of transport, packaging and pallet technology, which is the result of hard work and experience of this company.


We have collaborators who develop the highest-quality equipment for beverage production, milk processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, construction and many other industries. 


Throughout the years, I.H.S. consistently grew and developed in accordance to all standards and regulations. In 1999, I.H.S. was given the ISO9001 certification of quality and we pledge to always abide by this achievement. In 2004, I.H.S. introduced a new information system to the company.  The system is able to exchange, collect, access and follow pertinent business data in a high quality manner.


Our environmentally-friendly attitude is always an important factor in planning our future’s expansion and development. We will use only environmentally-friendly technology, materials and products. We choose our suppliers and collaborators with high standards and criteria. We guarantee a healthy and work environment to all our employees and customers.

I.H.S. GmbH was established in 2016.