I.H.S. d.o.o.
(Head Office)
Cesta 4. julija 84 D
SI-8270 Krško
Tel.:  +386 7 49 14 100
Fax:  +386 7 49 14 110
I.H.S. GmbH
Carl-Zeiss-Strasse 13
DE-32369 Rahden
Tel.:  +49 5771 6087 187
Fax:  +49 5771 6087 189
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Our expertise is in the area of automated logistics.

The I.H.S. concept of modular construction allows us to achieve success and adaptability according to each consumer’s demands. Our company deals with international products and caters to the world’s needs.

We pride ourselves in using the latest techniques and achievements of the most up-to-date guidelines.

Our developers, in the field of automation, consist of 20 highly skilled and trained engineers.

In order to guarantee fast and high-quality product development, we use only the most current tools including CATIA, AutoCad and E-Plan.

All of the equipment we use in the company is state-of-the-art technology.

Because of our high-tech equipment, our system is continuously upgraded and updated quickly and efficiently.

Our customers demand high-tech devices that are connected to a main control system and we pride ourselves on being able to satisfy everyone’s needs. Our staff offers accurate information to all our customers and assists in removing any defects or problems with any products.

Our company satisfies the needs of many industries including:
- food and beverage service
- the chemical industry
- construction
- and many other fields

We deal with a variety of packaging including:
- outer packaging (cardboard and stretch foil)
- bags
- cases
- bottles
- barrels
- and many other forms of packaging

We carry out all types of requests including big and small capacities, various shapes and layers and different pallet types and we promise to satisfy each customer’s special need.