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Warranty Maintenance


After a successful trial and performance, our devices are handed over to the consumer.
For a warranty to be valid, the machines and devices must follow the maintenance rules listed in the Use and Maintenance Instructions and must not extend the expiration date.

In case the buyer doesn't dispose of his own maintenance capacities we offer a complete maintenance of the supplied equipment.


Regular Maintenance


Every device must be checked regularly. We guarantee a functioning machine with a long-life guarantee but only in the case of proper care and maintenance. 
We can also offer an extension of the warranty to cover a longer period of time.


Pre-arranged Appointments

We provide customers with personal servicing. We take into consideration the customer's wishes and requests to match both our and the customer’s needs.





We are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. If you must contact us outside of those hours, you can report flaws by attaching them on the claim form.


I.H.S. d.o.o.
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I.H.S. GmbH
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