Acquisition of the ISO 3834-3 welding standard

Acquisition of the ISO 3834-3 welding standard

One of the approaches to improve our competitiveness, capability and to promote the implementation of continuous improvement strategies in our company is the introduction of the SIST EN ISO 3834-3 standard, which we have set as a goal for this year.

After a thorough certification in May by an external independent institution, we are proud to say that we obtained this 3834-3 certification at the beginning of June.

The ISO 3834-3 welding standard is a demanding standard in the field of assessing technical and personnel competence in the performance of welding work. It requires highly qualified welding personnel and a welding coordinator with a European EWE diploma, modern welding equipment and approved welding procedures. If we meet all these requirements of the standard, the welding of metallic materials in the workshop is still at the highest level.

We have thus successfully combined the ISO 3834-3 welding certificate with the ISO 9001 quality certificate. This investment in quality will bring us a higher quality in the welding of our structures, which also contributes to our overall success story.

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