Palletising systems

Palletising systems

Modular design enables the flexibility and optimal integration of systems for achieving high reliability and efficiency of industrial lines.

S-PAL Series Palletiser

Main features

  • Heavy loads and medium performance range productions
  • Suitable for different environments and products
  • Plug & Play
  • Optimal for seasonal or discontinuous production
  • Compact construction and modular design
  • Economical
  • Safe, simple and user-friendly operation
  • Integrated remote access


  • Easily transportable
  • Plug & Play for simple repositioning
  • Freely selectable layer patterns
  • Easily reconfigured for palletisation of different products
  • Space saving due to small footprint design
  • Low noise level and energy consumption
  • High availability in continuous operation
  • Minimum servicing requirement


  • Performance up to 360 cycles/h
  • Loads up to 50 kg
  • Basic unit footprint from 1900 x 1900 mm
  • Pallet height up to 1600 mm
  • Servo technology
  • HMI touchscreen

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Depalletising & Palletising Robot

  • 4-6 axes robots from various manufacturers with I.H.S. multiple head design options
  • suitable for (de)palletising of a large scope of products
  • multipurpose: ranging from picking-up of (un)packed products with vacuum gripper to
    putting sacks/pouches into boxes, or (de)- palletising packed products from/on pallets

  • payload: for less than 80 kg and up to 500 kg
  • up to 700 cycles/hour (up to 80kg payload robot), up to 360 cycles/hour (up to 300 kg
    payload robot)
  • up to approx. 280 cycles/hour (up to 500kg payload robot)

MAN Robot

  • for loading of various types of packed products on to the selected pallet
  • two-axes (manipulator), three-axes and four-axes execution
  • versatile: with head-changeover, enabling different functions of manipulation- (de)palletising, (de)crating / (un)casing

  • possibility to simultaneously operate several (de)palletising points within one cell
  • compact design and minimal footprint
  • up to 300 cycles/hour

Palletiser PALPACK MODULAR 4/R or 4/P

  • for loading of various types of packed products on to the pallet
  • type: rolo (optimal for shrink-wrapped packs) or plate (optimal for trays)
  • modular construction with high infeed (various possibilities)
  • option: double infeed (simultaneous palletising of 2 products on 2 pallets)

  • compact design and small footprint
  • suitable for demanding logistics solutions/situations
  • high capacity option up to 400 layers/hour

Palletiser PALPACK 2/PV

  • to load different formats of bags on to the pallet
  • suitable for heavy loads (ex. cement, lime)
  • execution with belt and an optional unit for forming and turning

  • dustproof design
  • robust construction
  • up to 200 layers/hour

Palletiser PALPACK 2/P

  • for loading of various types of packed products
  • high flexibility: suitable for a large scope of products (mostly used for wrap-around cases and shrink-wrapped packs)
  • robust construction suitable for high loads and capacities

  • possibility of high or low infeed
  • up to 300 layers/hour

Depalletiser & Palletiser PALPACK 1/G

  • for (un)loading of crates or different types
    of packed products
  • suitable design of gripper-head, optimised
    for crate or packed product handling
  • robust construction

  • optimal functioning in diffcult conditions
  • up to 250 layers/hour