Based on customer's requirements, we design and manufacture complete professional solutions for the automation of industrial lines in different industries with sustainable development and our own production.


Considering our many years of experience and knowledge, which we have gained over the years, we can confirm that we are experts in the automation of production lines. We provide added value and efficient realization of projects, which is consequently reflected in the increase of productivity and cost reduction, process optimisation and reduction of downtimes as well as improved product presentation.

Modular design, flexibility and improved functionality are the achievements of I.H.S. solutions.


Complete solutions

from individual machines to the integration of complete lines:

  • projects on a turn-key basis
  • project management and engineering
  • »end-of-line« implementation
  • installation of the products from other manufacturers
  • connection to ERP/LMS/WMS systems

We develop, manufacture and implement mechanical and electrical equipment and also software.

Our integrated solutions are adapted to the needs of production lines, which enables efficient implementation from analysis to engineering, component selection, implementation and execution to installation, start-up, visualization and monitoring of operation.

Our devoted and specialised technicians and engineers enable the development of a wide range of effective solutions based on an innovative approach in the field of conveying, packaging and palletising technology. Project managers and experienced assembling teams do not deviate from the personal and responsive approach directed towards customers.


Mixed palletising solutions

Due to the growing demand for innovative and smart solutions in the formation of mixed pallets, and since the traditional palletising solutions are inadequate in these cases, I.H.S. developed high-tech solutions and applications in the field of mixed palletisation, which enable the following:

  • a pallet composition comprising a number of different product assemblies (SKUs)
  • stability of pallet stacks
  • lower transport costs (based on lesser space requirements)
  • preventing product damages
  • flexibility and responsiveness to daily changing orders
  • complete automation based on connection to ERP/WMS systems
  • unlimited possibilities in choosing the amount of individual flavour or product